One of my favorite sites to do Bible reading and to copy and paste your favorite verses into your smart phone or tablet for later reading and there are so many other features it offers and is worth a look. They also have a very nice devotional section which has a classic section with Bonhoeffer and Spurgeon as well as devotionals sections each for Men, Women and Families.

Another site excellent for Bible studying like Gateway above is Bible Study Tools. It came to my attention as a very easy website to navigate. They also have some sermons, commentaries and much material in their library as well.

This website is truly amazing as it puts together all of the most successful American preachers and teachers in a very high tech and modern website which offers all of their daily messages right to your internet connected devices. It helps you to also find the right Christian Teacher that speaks more directly to each Christian’s personal preferences or teaching styles. Once you do sample each ministry, then you can access them continually through or go then to the preacher/teachers own website.

On this site I have downloaded hundreds of sermons over the last three years from this site alone. They literally have over 1,026,500 MP3 sermons and podcasts available to you for free. The site certainly is not as polished in its design and layout as is, but it gives you the ability to search their material by topic, or particular speaker or particular Christian denomination or even Bible translation. As they quote on their website “Enjoy our library of 1,133,500 free sermons from conservative churches worldwide.” Also a great feature which is much appreciated is the addition of news from a Conservative Christian Worldview.

This site is the best I have found which boldly and conservatively explains our Christian Faith. The word “Apologetics” means to make a defense. It has come to mean defense of the faith. If you want Biblically clear answers to any question you may have regarding how a faithful Christian should view all issues in life on this Earth and the next and do it with solid Biblical teaching, look no further.

I started listening to the Bible Answer Man radio show about 9 years ago and Hank Hannegraff is one of the most consistent and courageous Christian broadcaster around. His Complete Bible Answer Man book is a terrific book to get a quick digest of many of the questions we ask God about in our daily lives. He also has over 25 years of articles and data they have researched which give more in depth responses to issues of our time.

The organization below has become the powerhouse of some of the most important poling and surveying information group in our nation today. It was started by George Barna over 25 years ago and I put this organization higher than Pew and Gallup as they qualify their data they collect by first questioning the respondent on matters of their faith as many people are actually confused on what being a Christian in all about. They have much eye opening and revealing data important to all who try to follow their faith in our culture and this data is included in many of my articles on this web site.